Bread to survive

Village Lyuben Karavelevo near Varna. Hier live especially Bulgarian men and women with Roma origin as the family of “Dora” (name changed), a mother of five children. L. Karavelevo is one of the numerous places in the region of Varna where the Bulgarian-German Sozialwerk in cooperation with the Association Sauchastie provides outpatient family assistance for deprived Roma families, which li [...]

Monika Heitmann

First call: Christmas Packages Along the Danube

Through the action Christmas Packages Along the Danube, the partners should mutually learn about the various Christmas and New Year customs specific for the various countries as well as the culture of the pre and post-Christmas times. A direct contact should take place between the individual groups. The package should be approximately of the size of a shoe box and contain Christmas cookies (swe [...]

Carmen Stadelhofer

The bread of our region, even through a long period of time

The goal of our mini project, which is a part of a big and significant project „Tastes of Danube“, is to present „The bread of our region, even through a long period of time“. The basic foodstuff in Bosnia is kruh/hljeb/somun (bread), and if you „do not have dry bread“, it means you reached the very bottom of poverty. And if you’re „on bread and water“, it means y [...]

Aldina Alicic

Herbs and Salt in the Hundsmarkt Mill

Hand-picket healthy herbs blend in the white gold which made Salzburg rich in former times. Herbal salt is up-to-date due to various aspects: it adds great relish to meals, it includes plant-based ingredients into everyday life and the production is very simple. The herbal salt factory for kids in Thalgau in Austria shows how to do it.

Dr. W. Doster