International Anthology of Danube Writers

The association The Writers League from Timisoara collected different materials to the theme of bread  from partners all over the Danube countries. Under the coordination of Ana Zlibut and Doina Dragan an International Anthology of Danubian Writers resulted. It was published by EUROBIT Publishing house Timisoara and presented at the conference “Tastes of Danube. Let’s taste it̶ [...]

Otilia Pasnicu
Cover Anthologie

Napkin collection from Pildesti

The Johannes-de la-Salle-School in Pildesti has contributed to the project “Taste of Danube” in a creative way and through the engagement of industrious pupils it was possible to compile a collection of numerous napkins. These napkins are picturing a large variation of herbs and plants and represent the diversity of plants along the Danube.

Rebekka Schön

Paint Brush and Bread

At the Slovenian Third Age University in Ljubljana, Slovenia older students of journalism and painting engaged themselves in creating a piece of art and thus uniting them around a common topic. Their catalogue of paintings “Paint Brush and Bread” has been given the Univerzity Library Number ( CIP) and thus is finished.

Dušana Findeisen

Bread Testing in Ulm

Annual public bread inspections take place in Ulm, too.  Participation is voluntary, all bakers who belong to the guild are entitled to participate. In Ulm that amounts to 80% of all bakers.  On 5 April 2016 the public bread inspection took place in the Sparkasse Ulm, a local bank.

Dr. W. Doster
Bild 2